Coaching For All

Coaching isn’t for Executives anymore, Coaching is for All.

I’m amazed every day. On the positive side, I’m amazed of the feedback we are getting from our clients that we’ve coached. We are making a sustainable impact and are thrilled to know we’ve made a difference in people’s lives. The depth of the impact of our sessions has amazed me in so many great ways. Think about this comment:
“I would have spun out of control last week if I hadn’t received your coaching on how to handle situations like this.” It’s a wonderful thing hearing that this client learned enough about themselves during our coaching sessions to be mindful of the situation as it arose and dealt with it in a completely different manner. They spent the time in the coaching sessions talking through what qualities are true strengths to lean on, and what blind spots that might impact them in a negative way. When stress hits us at work, you either have a well thought out approach to dealing with it, or you are at risk of hitting a career pothole. I’m proud to know this client turned their situation into a positive for their career. This justifies every B Inspired moment from start-up launch to today.



On the negative side, I’m amazed on how many organizations still don’t have broad based coaching programs. I speak to leaders every day that can’t seem to secure the funding they need to implement a coaching program for their team. I have heard many different reasons, none of which I agree with. The truth is, executives have received coaching for years, it is almost an expected part of the position. The benefits are obvious, and nobody debates whether or not the money is well spent. This does trigger a list of questions:

  • What about the next generation of Executives?
  • Where are they in the organization now?
  • Why aren’t they receiving the coaching support they need as they move up the organization?
  • Why wouldn’t you strengthen the leadership skills of the talent listed in the executive succession plans?
  • Why wouldn’t you want every level of your organization to improve their EQ and develop their ability to lead?

The questions are endless, which explains why I’m amazed in this way. The disconnect between the value of Leadership Coaching and the level of the investment in many organizations is shocking. I can only hope it’s only a matter of time before coaching isn’t viewed only as a reward once someone finally reaches the C-Suite in their careers. My view, and the view of B Inspired Leadership Coaching is this, plain and simple. Coaching is for all, as leaders should be developed in every part of your organization if you want a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Brett Bourgon

President, B Inspired Leadership Coaching