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We develop inspired Leaders to reach their full potential.

We transform Leaders to an enhanced level of Leadership ability.

We inspire Leaders to invest in themselves and motivate others.

Meet The Team

Brett Bourgon, RCCTM, CMA/CPA, 


Brett is an experienced leader who has held many influential roles in finance, operations and sales primarily in the IT space. Brett started his career in public accounting, and moved onto various leadership roles at HP Canada and Cisco. Following a successful corporate career, Brett decided to pursue his passion of helping professionals develop their leadership skills by bringing coaching to all levels of an organization. Brett is a family first individual that is quite proud of his wife Jodie, two children Alyssa and Daniel, and two dogs. Brett supports WorldVision, ALS, and the Canadian Cancer Society as his main charities of choice and is passionate about eliminating the stigma around talking about mental health issues.

Stan Besko, MBA

Vice President

Stan is an energetic and experienced leader with an extensive background in developing high performing teams and building trusted advisor relationships. Stan began his career in business and software consulting at smaller firms. Stan gained invaluable insights into the financial, legal, operational and human resource complexities through his 18 years at HP and Cisco through a number of leadership roles in Canada and Europe. Stan brings with him a rich background of leadership and is able to translate past successes into action plans for small and medium businesses. Stan is a family man and lives in Toronto with his wife Christine and their three boys.

Jodie Bourgon, 

Director Client Relations

Jodie has joined B Inspired after a successful career in Sales and Relationship Management across various industries including IT, Payroll, Telecom, Stock Administration and SaaS.  Her exceptional ability for building strong relationships with everyone she meets is a natural skill that will benefit both B Inspired and every one of our clients.  After a long career of coaching and mentoring within her past organizations, we are thrilled to add Jodie to our team.  Jodie is passionate about many charitable causes, not the least of which is supporting advancements in the treatment of mental health.  She is a proud parent of her kids Alyssa and Daniel, and also loves to spoil her Shih-Tzus Beatrice and Betty, one of which is a therapy dog with St. John Ambulance.

Any Questions?

The two founding partners that inspired the vision of B Inspired are Brett Bourgon and Stan Besko; it seemed only fitting to have a name that reflected the vision of the founding partners. We want to bring to organizations a coaching offer that inspires all levels of the organization to develop their leadership potential. Coaching has proven to make a significant impact on Inspiring employees, making a significant impact on employee engagement, happiness, and productivity.

We will meet with you and assess your needs. If you have a typical annual review process that measures performance and sets annual goals, we highly recommend the Me3 program as it delivers a focused development plan that is monitored effectively for high impact. If you feel comfortable with your team’s development structure but understand the high impact of 1:1 coaching for all skill levels on your team, we’d highly recommend our 1:1 RCCTM certified corporate coaches. Our key differentiator is our experience across all corporate functions – we are coaching people in roles that we both have held, managed, and developed. Enhancing this experience with an RCCTM designation is why we should be your first choice for coaching and development.

Coaching is about leadership development and is suited to those that are perceived to be low performers needing guidance, as well as high potential employees that are ready to get to the next level (and everyone in between). We absolutely have coached some people struggling in their careers and got them back on track, but we’ve also taken high potential employees that needed to take the time to focus on their growth and development to reach that full potential. How many Ferrari owners decide to skip their tune-ups and scheduled maintenance because the car is running well?

Yes. B Inspired Finance Group has a Leadership and Development offer that is primarily focused on the development of Finance professionals. B Inspired has seen strong demand for our Coaching services across all functions, therefore we decided to expand our capabilities by launching B Inspired Leadership Coaching. B Inspired Leadership Coaching now includes coaches with experience in Sales, Operations and Strategy. We look to match our clients with coaches that make sense based on their role, aspirations, and growth initiatives.

We believe in the concept that everyone in business can benefit from coaching. The Executive coaching market is saturated with coaches looking to work only with the top tier of the organization. We want to ensure that all levels of the organization have their leadership abilities maximized since it has a much greater impact on the business. Imagine a professional sports team where they only developed the leadership skills of the GM! Results are produced throughout all levels of the organization. It’s why we firmly believe in Coaching for All.

Our company is registered to King City, however given the virtual capabilities of our approach and tools, we are able to service customers globally. We have flexible delivery models that allow us to be either virtual or in person, driven by fulfilling our client’s needs.

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